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Hey SEO readers, we the staff on Enix Origin are planning on making our first podcast fairly soon. We’d like you to reply in a comment with questions you may have for us, topics you want us to talk about, or anything of that sort. It can be about anything such as personal questions, anime, thoughts on E3, or anything Square Enix-related, of course. Hope to see some good ones!

The director of the Deus Ex Human Revolution short film Moe Charif discusses the challenges and process of making the very impressive short film that has captivated the internet. Charif as shown on his interview below clearly is a huge Deus Ex and Adam Jensen fan and really wanted to take his time on creating the character to life.

Final Fantasy XV’s official twitter confirmed that the game is expected to be the most expensive project developed by the Square Enix team. The game has been in production for 8 years now and earlier this month its been confirmed that voice over work is yet to begin.

Karl Steward revived Tomb Raider and after eight years he is leaving Square Enix.

Hitman GO, the first mobile Hitman Game

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Deadman’s Cross - Square Enix’s New Mobile Game

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